CHESTER HAS MOVED!: Details of the 3rd Dimension in the Battlespace . . .

Friday, November 12, 2004

Details of the 3rd Dimension in the Battlespace . . .

Boundary shifts accompanying phase changes were covered last night: "One of the things that Phase changes can mean is a change in boundaries. This is probably the case here, as reports that US forces have crossed Highway 10 running through central Fallujah indicate a possible boundary shift." I failed to mention the extreme importance of boundaries to units in general, and to aircraft in particular. The location of a boundary has a great deal to do with determining where aviation assets will be employed and boundaries are essential to mitigating friendly-fire incidents [Note: along with few reports of civilian casualties, there are also few reports of friendly-fire incidents in the Battle of Fallujah.]. This article details the complexity of the aerial battlespace: MSNBC - Above Fallujah, layers of U.S. air cover.


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