Tuesday, November 30, 2004


[Note: In order to get the full effect of this post, you must first open a new window and paste this link. Then return and read as the music plays.] Alright loyal readers . . . THE FRIENDS OF IRAQ BLOGGER CHALLENGE BEGINS! The Adventures of Chester has had a great pre-season so far, raising $300 for the future of freedom in the Middle East, but now is the time to open the floodgates and let the donations flow! Remember . . . Chester only receives a hat and tee out of this deal, so don't think I'm in it for anything other than glory! Think back to World War II . . . the government asked you to ration your food, buy bonds, be a draftee, deal with all manner of sacrifice for the victory of freedom over fascism. Well, today our government asks little of the average citizen in our victory over Islamic Fascism -- little more than a few extra dollars in the national debt. But you can be a part of it all. Have a decisive role in the future of Iraq and Afghanistan; support the reconstruction efforts of US troops; support the university educations of Iraqi students, and even support grassroots bloggers in Iraq! These are but a few of the many projects that your donation will support. Be a part of the success of freedom. Make a contribution to the Spirit of America today. Your contribution is tax-deductible. If this devil dog knocked on your door and asked you to contribute, what would you tell him? [Tomorrow, to inspire you to donate, The Adventures of Chester will present something never before posted on this site: Chester will tell a bona fide war story from his time in Iraq.]


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