CHESTER HAS MOVED!: Gotterdammerung I: Insurgent Strategy

Monday, November 08, 2004

Gotterdammerung I: Insurgent Strategy

What is the strategy of the insurgents? 1. Break the will to fight of the coalition. The insurgents continue to believe that the US is a fundamentally weak nation in terms of national will. They believe that they can defeat the will of the US. 2. Continue to exist at all costs. Any insurgency or guerilla movement is more or less victorious so long as it continues to exist. Consider the Confederacy. Many historians believe it was a mistake for Lee to invade Maryland because all he had to do was continue to survive. Lee on the other hand thought he could divide the north's populace politically and made the gamble. It ended badly at Gettysburg. 3. Topple the Irraqi interim government. So long as the fledgling interim government survives it gains legitimacy. With every city it makes stable it gains legitimacy. Toppling the interim gov't is a key part of the insurgents' strategy. 4. Cause a US defeat and withdrawal. 5. Through victory, implement Islamic and Fascist political movements in Iraq and project them regionally. Pay no attention to so-called irreconcilable differences between secular Sunni Ba'athists, religious Sunni zealots (like Wahabi's), religious Shi'ite zealots, like the Iranian gov't, etc. The goals of all of these groups are at the moment united in defeating the iraqi interim government and the US. The US has strategies in place to divide them against themselves as well though, and those strategies appear to be working.


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