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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Last post for tonight

Chester has reached his culminating point for today. Remembering that there are no tired units, only tired commanders, he is going to sleep. Tomorrow's news will tell us if we can declare Phase II to be over. the fourth rail has been kind enough to link to me and I return the favor. Good news roundups there. Many new improvements to the website coming soon . . . last thing I do tonight is put up a link to the Mao book at Amazon. Until tomorrow . . . UPDATE: I've received so much email that I've only been responding to donation-generated email for the most part. But I'll get to everyone in due time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting "claim" by Arab media.
“The US troops have sprayed chemical and nerve gases on resistance fighters, turning them hysteric in a heartbreaking scene,” an Iraqi doctor, who requested anonymity, told Al-Quds Press.
Possible prelude to detonation of some of Saddam's missing WMD?
Let's hope not.

November 10, 2004 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger KeithJamesMc said...

Amazing Story from the UK Telegraph Embedded reporter.;sessionid=NTZJ3CQZFNZKDQFIQMGSNAGAVCBQWJVC?xml=/news/2004/11/11/wirq11.xml&sSheet=/portal/2004/11/11/ixportaltop.html

The strike took place on Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the invasion of the rebel-held Sunni bastion began, after an Abrams tank commander from Phantom troop, part of the US Army's Task Force 2-2, observed large numbers of men converging on a building next to a mosque. "Guys with short brown hair, dark pants and carrying AK-47s were moving in groups of between two and five across the road to a yellow building," said Lt Neil Prakash, the tank commander.
"Then some started throwing Molotov cocktails and pouring gasoline on the road to create a smokescreen."
They apparently thought the smoke would obscure them from view.
Lt Prakash, whose call-sign is Red 6, observed the scene through the optical sight of his tank, 2,400 metres away in an "area of responsibility" or AOR covered by the 1st Company, 8th Marines, west of Task Force 2-2's AOR on the eastern edge of the city.

It is believed that Task Force 2-2 hit fighters gathered to discuss how to retreat after US forces had pushed the insurgents down from the north and in from the east.
Mobile phone intercepts and reports from Iraqi informants suggested there were 70 gunmen in the building and indicated that the very senior Zarqawi lieutenant had perished. A final assessment on who died has yet to be made.

November 11, 2004 at 1:33 AM  
Blogger pacos_gal said...

I'm not sure that we can declare anything to be over yet. A report from a BBC embed today (nov 11,04) says that they are coming under heavy fire today.

"US marines in Falluja have come under sustained attack from several different directions in the headquarters they have set up in the Iraqi city.
The BBC's Paul Wood, who is at the scene, said there was sniper fire from four or five points on the horizon.

The insurgents may have regrouped, he says, after US-led troops took over large parts of the city.

Another BBC correspondent says troops have pulled back from the city hospital, captured on Sunday night."

"Our correspondent says the US marines have had to call in four air strikes as they came under heavy fire in central Falluja.

Insurgents appear to have got to the perimeter of the headquarters, he says.

At the same time, a rifle company of marines has been pushing out into the city, going literally house to house to try to clear out the insurgents. But the company came under continuous fire as soon as it left the base.

US-led forces said earlier on Thursday they had rid more than 70% of the city of insurgents in the battle."

"The rebels are said to be disorganised and leaderless, but still dangerous.

The BBC's Paul Wood says troops are coming under sniper fire all over the city, he says.

US forces say they have taken control of the district of Jolan, just north of the centre.

However, a witness told the BBC that US forces were still fighting for control there at midday.

Villages to the west of the city, thought by the US to be clear of insurgents, are also reporting sniper, mortar and rocket-propelled grenade fire."

November 11, 2004 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger PureData said...

Maybe the jihadis had some Nerve Agents and did not know how to handle them well. Or a indirect fire set them off. Would serve them right.

November 11, 2004 at 8:24 PM  

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