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Monday, November 22, 2004

More on the elections in Iraq

Last Tuesday I promised front-page coverage to anyone who could find info about the upcoming Iraqi election process. "Someone" discovered this post on an Iraqi blog, listing all of the approved political parties. Isn't it amazing how quick and willing people are to use their freedom when they've been denied it so long? Reminds me of an old political cartoon I saw during the breakup of the Soviet Union, showing a peasant family breaking off and declaring themselves to be the independent republic of Vladimir and Olga, or some such . . . "chthus" found this article which details the plans the Shi'ites are laying to make sure they receive a majority of the parliamentary seats in the upcoming election. "chthus" goes on to offer this: "I don't have an article currently, but here's some information. As the reader aboved linked, Fayrouz tells us 24 of more than 50 parties that have applied have been approved so far, with more likely to follow. January's elections are not for a president/leader (executive branch), but to fill the 275 member National Assembly (legislative branch). Each eligible party will offer up a ranked list of candidates (1, 2, 3...). For each 1/275th of the vote the party receives, their top candidate become a member. For example, a party that gets 5/275ths of the vote (1.8%) would get it's top five listed members on the assembly." "This assembly is then charged with drafting a constitution at a spring convention, shooting to have one drafted by August 15th or so. This will then held to a referendum of popular vote by October 15th or so. If it passes, elections as provided under the constitution are to be held by Dec 15th, 2005, with the elcted govt taking over by Dec 31st, 2005. If the referendum should fail, National Assembly is dissolved and Dec 15th, 2005 will be for electing a new National Assembly, with the whole thing starting over again." So today we learn that elections will take place on January 30th. 10 weeks to go! Finally, I found this story on Arab ministers' view of the elections to be downright hilarious. "Iraq had somewhat upstaged a major international conference in Egypt on its future by announcing the date for the first post-Saddam Hussein elections a day before the meeting opened." "But not everyone was impressed by its confidence. "Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit, hosting the conference in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh said the meeting would be deciding whether the vote could be held on time, adding that "the question needs to be re-examined". "The debates that will take place ... are very important because they will look at the question of the elections and decide on whether they can take place on the date envisaged or whether it needs more reflection." Wow! Isn't that rich stuff! All of a sudden, the timing and possibility of Iraqi elections are subject to the whims and approvals of the Arab ministers. This makes sense of course given their incredible support for the war and all of the gallons of blood their people have spilled in its prosecution. The problem, my despot friends, is that those gallons were spilled on the losing side. Of course they want to take a good, hard look at how they can stop the elections! Elections in Iraq will mean doom for these has-beens who govern by diktat. How long will it be after successful Iraqi elections before the Egyptians are wondering why they've never had true electoral freedom? Here's more: "In Syria, the state-owned daily Ath-Thawra said that the Sharm el-Sheikh conference represented "the best chance for the international parties to affirm the importance of the United Nations and neighbouring countries" in organizing the elections." "But it also warned: "The elections must take place on all Iraqi territory and not on 75 percent of the country as the United States hints at due to the insecurity in regions where resistance actions are taking place." Please allow me to be the first to point out that 75% of a country having an election is exactly 75% greater than the 0% of Syria that has ever had a fair election. Syria is not a democracy. All of a sudden, the Syrians are experts in elections. Don't you love it? The Iraqis were smart to pre-emptively name the day for elections before this conference could try and talk them out of it.


Blogger someone said...

Note that Chalabi seems to be back in the game.

November 22, 2004 at 8:38 PM  
Blogger USMC_Vet said...

Elections require security, right? We bagged more than a few Iranian IRGC operators in Fallujah, right?

How's this for a chuckle, compliments of Iran's IRNA:

"In his address at a session before the official inaugural of the conference, Kharrazi said, "All should help to restore peace and security in Iraq and every country is responsible in that respect."

...but wait, there's more...

"He added, "Next meeting of Iraq`s neighboring countries` foreign ministers that will be held in Tehran would be of great significance in promotion of peace and stability there. The Iranian top diplomat added, "Iraq`s neighbors, that have great interest in establishment of peace and security in Iraq, too,
should spare no efforts in facilitating restoration of peace and stability in Iraq.", we're not done yet...

"He said, "The measures adopted in Iraq have so far failed to harbinger peace and stability, therefore, other methods need to be adopted to undo the negative effects of the mistakes committed by the United States and its allies there, before doing anything else."

I am not even going to insult anyone's intelligence picking this apart. You do the math.

The clock's tickin', Dubya.

The longer we wait...

November 22, 2004 at 9:11 PM  
Blogger USMC_Vet said...


The all important link...

BTW: Anyone want to clue me in on how to embed the link properly using the provided "Blogspot" comment dialog box?

Am I missing something? Is there an HTML version and I am just the only idiot still using the plain text box?

(Scratching head here...)

November 22, 2004 at 9:14 PM  
Blogger chthus said...

As an update for anyone who may not have clicked the link left by "someone" above, the current approved party count has gone from the 24 I mentioned, to 127. In one week. Also according to the Good News from Iraq link posted below, there are currently 14 million registered voters (pop. 25 mil, eligible pop. 15 mil est.; I don't know if this includes the 3-5 mil expatriate Iraqis who have been declared eligible to vote).

November 22, 2004 at 10:04 PM  

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