CHESTER HAS MOVED!: Tension rises as China scours the globe for energy

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Tension rises as China scours the globe for energy

Yet another Alert Reader has drawn attention tothis article about China's ravenous appetite for energy. We would be interested to hear the thoughts of you readers who are in Taiwan or Hong Kong on this issue . . . if you are still reading! One of the problems I have with the media is the simplistic way in which they describe world energy markets and the actors therein. Even the most basic understanding of the way the vast energy market works is adequate to debunk such statements as, "The US is only in the Middle East for oil." If oil is what "we" need, then "we" can buy it, and forego bloody and expensive wars. I add quotations to the "we" because this too is a problem in most of these stories: no differentiation is made between the US government, the US economy, and the multi-national corporations that supply energy to world markets. The result is the idea that somehow all of these three categories of varied actors with varied agendas are under the control of one single, unitary "we." This is just not the case. Having said that, the idea that there is a "they" representing "China" is much more plausible given the number of Chinese firms, both energy-related and otherwise, that are state-run enterprises, and not private entities. Just something that bothers me about a lot of these types of articles. UPDATE: I meant to bring up the mention of Iran in this story . . . certainly doesn't bode well for a multi-lateral diplomatic resolution to the Iranian nuke problem.


Blogger Grim said...

It's an ironic fact that the US Navy protects China's energy supply. The majority of their oil trade passes through a place called the Malacca straits.

In the last year, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have taken up the task of protecting these straits. Until lately, however, it's been a US Navy duty; and it still is, beyond the sight of land. USPACOM is the lynchpin of worldwide peacekeeping, because Admiral Fargo (CDRUSPACOM) is protecting the world from a ravenous China's need to engage in resource wars.

The Navy and Marines aren't wanted in sight of land, as Malaysia and Indonesia are majority-Muslim. They can't stand the thought of the US doing for them what they can barely do for themselves. Fair enough.

But that's where we really are.

Semper Fi. It's been more than ten years since I was in the Marine Corps, but I still regard all Marines and former Marines as brothers in arms.

November 21, 2004 at 7:49 PM  

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