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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blogger Challenge Update

Alright, loyal readers, time for another update from the folks at Spirit of America. They tell Chester:
On Thursday, Omar and Mohammed from Iraq the Model and Friends of Democracy, Kerry Dupont from SoA and I met with President Bush in the Oval Office. It was a half-hour meeting with the President. Paul Wolfowitz was also there . . . here are two items. About half way into the meeting the President said to Omar and Mohammed, "I want you two to know that we are going to stay until the job is done. It doesn't matter what the rest of the world says. It doesn't matter what the UN says. We are going to stay until the job is done. It's important that your country knows that." It was a powerful and moving moment. After talking about Spirit of America, Pres. Bush turned to Omar and Mohammed and said, " You see gentlemen, that is the beauty of America. Inever met this man before but he's out there helping to win this war on terror just as much as Wolfie here. That's what I believe in." He went onto talk about the importance of private-sector, grass roots initiatives like SoA.
So there you have it from POTUS's mouth folks: Spirit of America is helping win the war. Be a part of the Blogger Challenge. Please consider donating to SoA.


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