CHESTER HAS MOVED!: Kyiv Post. SBU officer reveals insurrection plans

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Kyiv Post. SBU officer reveals insurrection plans

An Alert Reader has directed us to this story, wherein a member of Ukraine's State Secret Services spills the beans on Russian and government attempts to monkey with the upcoming new election:
Omelchenko alleged that weapons belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet based in Sevastopol have been transferred to Donetsk in order to arm groups of men who are to arrive in Kyiv Dec. 27 or 28 to incite violence. Kuchma would then declare a state of emergency, the election results would be cancelled, and the new election would be postponed for as long as half a year, thus allowing Kuchma to stay in power until the recently adopted constitutional amendments come into force. *** According to Omelchenko, 30 groups of 30 men have already been formed and an unnamed Berkut (elite police force) officer will command the group of 900 men, which has been formed using former convicts, sportsmen and other irregulars. They will be armed with 100 rifles, 90 hand grenades and 25 kilograms of the explosive trotyl, Omelchenko said.
Is this true or just deft political propaganda by the opposition?


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