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Monday, December 13, 2004

Programming News

Loyal Readers: Posting this week will be unfortunately light. Mrs. Chester is in the midst of studying for a big exam and requires use of the trusty iMac in the evenings. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in a solid post or two. Fear not! While prevented from blogging, I am always searching out new and exciting information to discuss in these pages. Over the next few days, if blogging is difficult, I'll be reading: 1. Grand Strategy in War and Peace, edited by Paul Kennedy (ht: Bill Roggio at the fourth rail) 2. Three separate monographs from the International Institute for Strategic Studies: a. Saudi Arabia and the Illusion of Security by J. E. Peterson b. Whither Iran? Reform, Domestic Politics and National Security by Shahram Chubin and, c. Civil-Miliary Relations and Peacekeeping by Michael C. Williams. We'll see if these prove to be of interest or use here. In the meantime, if there are scant updates here, please don't forget that the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge ends in about 48 hours. If you have been holding out, this is your chance. Donate here. It's tax deductible, and supports freedom in the Middle East. Thanks to all of you who have used the Amazon links in the sidebar to order books (and gifts?) this holiday season. This is a great way for you to support this site, as The Adventures of Chester receives a very small fee for every purchase originating here.


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