Monday, January 03, 2005

MPSRON Supplies

An Alert Reader asks in the comments section if the provisions aboard the Maritime Prepositioning Squadrons have been restored since 2003. Here at The Adventures of Chester, we believe the answer is a resounding yes. We are willing to bet: 1. That only one MPSRON worth of equipment is being used currently in Iraq, if any -- though this should be classified, so if you know for sure, don't tell us. 2. That MPSRON-3 out of Guam has probably been completely replenished at this point. After the invasion, the ships were cycled back to Blount Island and all of the gear was completely refitted and the stocks of Class I, III, IV, V, (water, fuel, construction supplies, ammunition) and so forth were regenerated, from what we understand. MPSRONs are a strategic asset: they have the highest priority for such things . . . which brings up another point . . . North Korea had better not get any funny ideas while MPSRON-3 is tied up in Thailand and Indonesia . . . but they probably won't. [Mrs. Chester and I have an understanding about this. If the north invades the south, I'm going. That's for another day though and I digress . . . ]


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