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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Announcement: Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge

Since September 11th and the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, commentators have occasionally bemoaned that the volunteer nature of the US military means that most folks don't have a direct way to contribute to the success of US military operations, and to the success of the establishment of the US' "forward strategy of freedom" in the Middle East. As a friend of freedom in the Middle East, The Adventures of Chester has joined the Spirit of America's Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge. The Spirit of America donates all manner of items to support the reconstruction and democratization of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Adventures of Chester has added a link in the sidebar where readers like you can make donations to the Spirit of America to support the future of freedom in the Muslim world. You can check Chester's page at Spirit of America to track the donations of The Adventures of Chester readers. Questions: Q: Where will my money go? A: The mission of Spirit of America is "to extend the goodwill of the American people to assist those advancing freedom and peace abroad." They have a number of projects ongoing: -Marines and Seabees Seek Tools for Iraqi Tradesmen -Sewing Machines for Women in Ramadi -Special Forces in Afghanistan: Part Two -Irrigation for Iraqi Farmers -Operation Dreamseed in Afghanistan -Gifts for Iraqi Children -Support America - Iraq School Partners -Friends of Democracy - The Iraq Democracy Project -Iraq's Universities -Operation Snapshot -Arabic Blogging Tool - Viral Freedom -411th Civil Affairs - Re-equip Universities in Babuqa, Iraq Chester has designated that donations originating from The Adventures of Chester will go toward the general fund of Spirit of America, so that staffers there can determine how best to use them. Q: Is my donation tax-deductible? A: Yes it is, and Spirit of America will send you the necessary documentation with your receipt. Q: What's in this for you Chester? A: Aside from the extreme honor of showing that my readers' donations will soundly trounce those of other blogs, if the total donations from The Adventures of Chester reach $100, Chester gets a ball cap and tee-shirt. (See examples in this photo.) That's it. Q: Have you given any money to this organization, Chester? A: Yes. I just kicked it off by tossing in $50 myself. The Challenge begins December 1st and ends December 15th, but you can donate anytime. The Adventures of Chester believes this is a great way to support freedom in the Middle East and wholeheartedly supports this program! Please consider a gift to Spirit of America this holiday season!


Blogger Tom Carter said...

Sounds like a very good cause. I'll contribute.

As an Army guy, I never miss an opportunity to pat a Marine on the back. Great blog! I rated you "10" on BlogExplosion and linked you on my blog.

November 21, 2004 at 7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just contributed to the Iraqi project fund from the first link on your page. I don't know whether that gets tracked directly, but it is certainly a good cause.

Wei Lin

November 21, 2004 at 7:32 AM  

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