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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Insurgent Defensive Plan

The insurgents are composed of a variety of groups with varying levels of coordination between them. This is the estimate of the US. With such a decentralized command structure, controlling a defense is impossible. Instead, you have to give very broad, general guidance to your personnel and hope they follow it. In this case, the defensive plan would make a series of nodes all over the city. Each node would consist of a weapons cache, or an excellent piece of terrain for firing at the invaders, or othe features that would make it ideal for a fighting position. Between these nodes would be multiple avenues of approach, all interwoven in a grid. These could be surface streets, tunnels, holes blown through the walls of buildings, sewers, etc. The plan would be for insurgents to attack, then displace very quickly to the next position, before the firepower of the US can be trained upon them. All of this could have been rehearsed so that fighters could get between positions even at night. This nodal defense would be more effective if a) insurgent forces could communicate as to which positions had been reduced by the Americans and b) insurgents waited until US forces bypassed them before attacking.


Blogger chthus said...

Names (bodies) to look for:

Omar al Hadid
Ahmed Samaka
Majed Abu Darah
Abdullah al Janabi

and of course there's Zarqawi, but that might be hoping for a bit much.

November 9, 2004 at 6:45 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Some more names (including Janabi), by way of Pepe Escobar, in which he describes the Fallujans and foreign mujahideen as "fighting a war of national liberation." Whatever, Pepe, whatever.

---->The local command in Fallujah is centered in two mosques: Saad ibn Abi Wakkas, run by imam Abdullah al-Janabi, and al-Hadra al-Mohammadiya, run by imam Zafir Al-Obeidi. Janabi controls the mujahideen shura and Obeidi controls the political shura, presided by Sheikh Tarlub Abdel Karim al-Alusi and uniting tribal and religious chiefs and city notables. Tarlub is the de facto political chief of the guerrillas in Fallujah - even though decisions are collective and the word of the imams and the emirs carries enormous power.<----

November 9, 2004 at 7:21 PM  

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