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Monday, November 08, 2004

Interesting, no time to process now . . . - U.S. & World - Extremists Going From Iran to Iraq go to and click on the Fallujah photo-essay. Good lay of the land from the ground. A word on civilians and casualties: Fallujah pop is 300,000. All but 50,000 have left. We have offered every opportunity for non-combatants to leave. We've used every means of media, and have dropped leaflets, used speakers, etc. We've completely telegraphed our moves to save civilian lives. What to make of the 50,000 still remaining? Certainly a handful didn't buy it, some just have poor judgment, and some are concerned about protecting their property. Many are possibly families of insurgents (though not the foreign elements). A good number of the remainder are probably sympathetic to the insurgents in one way or another: tacit approval, outspoken political approval, material assistance, and fighting for their side. The curfew for men in the city is an excellent idea. Any man we see can be arrested and is immediately under suspicion. Arrest any who show and sort them out in detention camps later . . . We've done everything possible to avoid the loss of innocent life. The question to ask is: How innocent are the lives that remain in the city?


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