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Friday, November 12, 2004

Latest from Fox - U.S. & World - Americans Push Deeper Into Fallujah Embedded reporter Greg Palkot with 3/5 was just on Fox saying that he thought 80% of the city was under US control. The footage shows a Marine firing a Javelin missilein the direction of a tall, spired structure. Like many anti-tank weapons, these missiles could also be used in a bunker-busting capability. Or he could have been shooting an enemy technical vehicle of some kind. One thing is for certain: whoever was on the receiving end just had a significant life event and probably needs some new drawers.


Blogger carlee said...

On FoxNews an embed for Newsday reported tough resistance in the southern area of Fallujah. He mentioned this was the first time they encountered armor piercing RPG shells. He stated that 9 armored vehicles had been disabled, a translator killed and soldier lost an arm. My prayers are with our boys.

November 12, 2004 at 11:43 AM  
Blogger PureData said...

Soldiers in the Falljuah battle are checking in with their families (via email) right now.

November 12, 2004 at 12:14 PM  
Blogger PureData said...

The M113 is vulnerable to RPGs in all aspects. But its a better fit for tight streets.

I have seen more of these in the videos than tanks or Bradleys.

An RPG can stop an M1 if it hits the radators on the back.

November 12, 2004 at 12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was flying in Vietnam in 1968-1969, we were often tasked to hunt for and blow up trucks moving equipment for the Viet Cong...With our 500lb bombs more often than not we just created new rice paddies along each side of the road! One of our pilots thought of using anti-aircraft clamshell munitions for the purpose! We got an OK to try it and on the very first try we got 5 confirmed truck kills! When we wrote up the mission, we thought we would get a medal... instead the Pentegon sent back a reprimand and told us "AA munitions are for use on AA emplacements and bombs are for use on the road!"
I'm pleased as all punch to learn that inovative use of weaponry is now an approved strategy of the military!
Richard the lionheart

November 12, 2004 at 2:13 PM  
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