CHESTER HAS MOVED!: Preview for Tonight

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Preview for Tonight

More to come this afternoon if possible. These are some of the features for tonight: 1. Commentary on today's news in Fallujah, and live-blogging of any updates. 2. Prediction Roundup and Update 3. Critique of Press Coverage 4. Your donations are improving reader feedback! We'll show you how. 5. Meanwhile, in Baghdad . . . 6. And much more! Tune in . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see the graphic on the front page of the New York Times today identifying each troop component and which area of Fallujah they invaded? Your readers might find it interesting.


November 9, 2004 at 11:16 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Thank you for the service you're providing.

November 9, 2004 at 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts.

A comment about your new site design. I'm a designer with more than 40 year's experience in the graphic arts industy. I liked your previous 'look' with black background. Seemed more fitting somehow. The biggest problem was the small text. But that was easy to rectify as I too work on a Mac, a 12" Powerbook, and use Safari.

I've enjoyed your site for a couple weeks and return several times a day, as I work online. I will also register soon.

JC (One Canadian who supports Bush, the war on terrorism and the battle in Iraq)

November 9, 2004 at 12:21 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Thank you, thank you, Thank you. My eyes and my aching head thanks you for relief. I check your site several times a day and was really beginning to suffer from eyestrain and headaches.

Keep up the great work.

November 9, 2004 at 1:09 PM  
Blogger Zathras said...

Just wanted to thank you for your efforts and updates. My nephew is somewhere in Fallujah right now and we really appreciate the information and insight.

November 9, 2004 at 1:43 PM  

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