CHESTER HAS MOVED!: We have isolated Fallujah from Ramadi

Sunday, November 07, 2004

We have isolated Fallujah from Ramadi

An embedded report about the recent actions. I've predicted that the battle will be a rolling assault. Let me be more precise: we will isolate Ramadi and Fallujah from each oother and from the rest of the country to keep them from being mutually supportive. Then, we will defeat the insurgents in each in detail. Simplistically, divide and conquer. Hard to say when the Ramadi attack will kick off. Probably after significant success has been met in Fallujah, which will be a deterrent against other insurgents, and deal a psychological blow. Some highlights from this report: "Under the new law, all men between the ages of 15 and 55 are banned from the streets of Fallujah and surrounding areas 24 hours a day. All traffic is also forbidden. Fallujah police and security services have been suspended indefinitely." This is very good news for us. Basically any male on the street can be arrested, and the rules of engagement have probably loosened a good bit. This will allow a cleaner battlefield for us. We want as little civilian interference as possible. They'll keep themselves alive that way. I'm preparing a monster post on insurgent strategy and tactics.


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