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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Senator: Mystery Spy Project Dangerous

Four Democratic Senators have voiced their concerns that a new secret spy program is a threat to national defense. None of the AP's sources would say what it is though. The article makes some guesses:
The rare criticisms of a highly secretive project in such a public forum intrigued outside intelligence experts, who said the program was almost certainly a spy satellite system, perhaps with technology to destroy potential attackers. They cited tantalizing hints in Rockefeller's remarks, such as the program's enormous expense and its alleged danger to national security. A U.S. panel in 2001 described American defense and spy satellites as frighteningly vulnerable, saying technology to launch attacks in space was widely available. The study, by a commission whose members included Donald H. Rumsfeld prior to his appointment as defense secretary for Bush, concluded that the United States was "an attractive candidate for a Space Pearl Harbor." Sending even defensive satellite weapons into orbit could start an arms race in space, warned John Pike, a defense analyst with, who has studied anti-satellite weapons for more than three decades. Pike said other countries would inevitably demand proof that any weapons were only defensive.
Perhaps a directed energy weapon, or some other form of space-based platform is in the works. Perhaps even some sophisticated eavesdropping technology. Here at TAOC, we believe it is likely a weapon if opposed by Democratic Senators. The internet is of course awash in various theories. Hereis one site offering some speculation about future weapons platforms. We make no comments on these whatsoever.


Blogger USMC_Vet said...

On making us a 'vulnerable Space Pearl Harbor'...

That is patently defeatist.

The implication is that if we build it, we and it will be attacked.

Simpleton idiot forfathers. If they had just not built such a threatening navy and parked it in Pearl Harbor, we never would have been attacked at Pearl Harbor.

Is there any other way to read that illogical statement?

If we would just play nice, the world will love us.

If there's another way to read that, the logic escapes me.

There should be hell to pay for publicly discussing such secrets. ...but there won't be and we know it. Actions like these by liberal Democrats is what makes me such a staunch Republican, not a love affair with President Bush.

Michael Moore for Senate. At least he's full of Shi'ite and too stupid to know the difference. The public assumes these dangerous jackasses in the Senate committees are brilliant.

They are not. Read that statement again up there and argue the brilliance (and forget the fact that they are compromising secret weapons thinking they have been crafty enough not to break any confidentiality technically in a court of law.)

I am now disgusted just enough to go to bed angry.

Sweet dreams, boys & girls, for you elected them.

December 9, 2004 at 8:39 PM  
Blogger USMC_Vet said...


'We' elected them.

Well done.

December 9, 2004 at 8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was I not surprised to see the junior Senator from WV , Carl Lenin,.,,,uh ,,Levin,Ron Wyden little Dickie Durbin spouting this stuff. I'm surprised Leaky Leahy did not join this chorus of appeasers. If these poshlosti don't like it, it must be a good thing to have then.


December 9, 2004 at 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the AP feels it is appropriate for it to attempt to discover, presumably in order to to publish, the details of a top secret US espionage program. In the AP article I read on Drudge, AP states that it was told by the Democrats who objected to this program that they could not divulge the nature of the program because of national security considerations. The AP states flatly that it then contacted 13 more Senators in an attempt to find someone who would spill the beans!

Presumably, if somehone had spilled them, the information would have been made instantly available to those from whom we desire to keep it a secret. Am I the only one who is getting fed up with the media behaving as though the interests of the American people have no place higher theirs, and that they are somehow immune to the laws that govern this country?

December 10, 2004 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger SMSgt Mac said...

I caution readers every time I see a reference to John Pike. Basically, when the media needs an 'expert', Pike is one of the 'talking heads' that gets rolled out. John Pike has always been precise in self-describing his forte as a defence POLICY expert (there's an abstract concept for you). Media hacks that refer to Mr Pike very often drop the 'policy' part and transform him into a "defense expert". He runs the website as a kind of 'mouthpiece for hire'. The website is full of very useful factoids and not-very-useful-at-all analyses. is an entrepeneurial career move springing from his days as Webmaster for the Federation of (Not so good)American (even worse) Scientists. Real experts in defense (and these tend to be area-specialized as well) either are retired government or contractor employees who've worked in the defense field, or are currently working in Defense. You will rarely hear any real defense 'expert' comment, and never in detail, on something in which they are currently involved.

December 10, 2004 at 6:27 AM  
Blogger coldoc said...

A few years back, (1998?), I had the opportuntiy to participate in an AF in-depth strategic study looking 20 + years into the future. Because of its nature, we started out with a top-down approach starting with National Security Strategy and DoD future documentations. One of the consistant themes in ALL documents and plans we reviewed was the central role of Information Technology (IT)... and especially the "Space" component. The chief "work-horse" was a constellation of inter-operable Satellites that formed a high-density and high-capacity "Information Grid".

Within the last few weeks, I have seen a post somewhere that referenced this "Grid" and said parts of it was to be placed in operation early next year. I wonder if the Demo's leaks and this space-based Information Grid are related??

As an aside, one of the limiting factors on IT is bandwidth, or the amount of information the system could handle. It was estimated that the current set of military and commercial satellites' bandwidth would only be good for another 5-10 years. Additional sattelites could improve on this, but this also had a limiting factor due to the maximum frequency that could be used for sattelite <---> ground comm. Ultimately, this system would require some sort of "intelligent" information processing such as a fusion of IT sensors in space. An example of such "fusion" would be using IR, UV, Photo, and EM info to determine that a BAD GUY is at location XXX and is trying something evil. To do this means either Artificial Intelligence or a Manned Station! This sort of thing is WAY down the road though!

December 12, 2004 at 2:51 AM  
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