CHESTER HAS MOVED!: Wednesday Blogger Challenge Update

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wednesday Blogger Challenge Update

Spirit of America has sent Chester another update on the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge:
SoA Leading in Motley Fool "Foolanthropy" Drive Spirit of America is in first place among the 5 charities recommended for holiday giving by the Motley Fool personal investment Web site.  If we receive the most donations through the Motley Fool, they will donate an extra $10,000 to us. Conveniently, this would cover most of the cost of our supporter events this month. So if you are considering a donation to Spirit of America, please go to this page first and click the "Donate" link at the bottom of the page. Then you can go to any page on our site and we'll track your donation as coming through the Motley Fool. It'll help! Give The Spirit of America this Holiday Season We now support giving "the Spirit of America" as a gift to your friends and family.  Instead of a new necktie for dad please consider making a donation to your favorite Spirit of America project as a gift.  When you do, you'll get a certificate to print and give or we'll send an email telling your them about your gift.  This is a gift that makes a difference.  It also fits all sizes. Guaranteed. You can give a Spirit of America gift here: For the holidays, give Spirit of America! Blogger Challenge The  "Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge" is in its last week.  So far, 162 bloggers have raised more than $52,343 for Spirit of America projects.  Whoa! Thank you bloggers!
It might seem strange to link to the Motley Fool site above, but an extra $10,000 would be nice for Spirit of America. If you'd rather donate through The Adventures of Chester, you can do so here. Thanks to all who have donated! Our little site has raised $1890 as of today!


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