CHESTER HAS MOVED!: The Diplomad Declares War on the UN

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Diplomad Declares War on the UN

The Diplomad is single-handedly taking on the UN "aid workers" in tsunami countries. Check it out:
The Chief Diplomad is just back from the office. It's 4 am. Mosquitoes are everywhere. The internet is painfully slow. Your "friendly" Chief Diplomad's plan to move on to another set of duties, for now, has fallen by the roadside. He must remain in the current job for now. The local Guardian correspondent has called the Embassy; he is doing a negative story on the US relief effort based on "information" provided by the UN at a press conference. The Diplomad is in a dark, dark mood. So, of course, just as anyone else would do in such circumstances, The Diplomad writes about the UN.
It's the UN and Guardian vs. the US and the blogosphere. This has potential to be like the Powerline-Minneapolis Star Tribune slugfest. Read how that one started here (and here's the Google Search: Powerline Nick Coleman). The Diplomad already has 153 comments and 27 trackbacks as of this writing, so it seems that he's got the attention he needs for the upcoming battle. We'll see what the Guardian comes up with. UPDATE: We were referring to a figurative war of course, a war of rhetoric. But it appears that someone has tried to shut up a number of bloggers by conducting a "distributed denial of service attack" on the Hosting Matters Website yesterday. Hosting Matters is used by a number of premier bloggers. What does this portend?


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