CHESTER HAS MOVED!: The Tsunami was a punishment from Allah for _________ (insert reason here)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Tsunami was a punishment from Allah for _________ (insert reason here)

The Middle East Media Research Institute has published a roundup of Middle Eastern reactions to the tsunami, entitled, "Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Tsunami: It was a Punishment from Allah for Celebrating Christmas and Other Sins; It was Caused by the U.S., Israel, India." Here are the headlines for the individual stories:
Palestinian Friday Sermon by Sheik Mudeiris: The Tsunami is Allah's Revenge at Bangkok Corruption Advisor to Saudi Arabia's Justice Minister: The Nations were Destroyed for Lying, Sinning, and being Infidels Saudi Professor Sheikh Fawzan Al-Fawzan: Allah Punishes for Homosexuality and Fornication at Christmas Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajjid: Allah Finished Off the Richter Scale in Revenge of Infidel Criminals Egyptian Nationalist Weekly: U.S.-Israel-India Nuclear Testing May have Caused Asian Tsunami; The Goal: Testing how to Liquidate Humanity
MEMRI does a great job again.


Blogger mtnyogi said...

hmm... wasn't Indonesia, a Muslim country, the one hardest hit? And wasn't the area hit in Thailand the area where Muslims have been causing trouble there? Perhaps Allah is displeased with the Muslims???

January 7, 2005 at 4:23 PM  

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