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Thursday, November 11, 2004

More from Chairman Mao . . .

(. . . check the Amazon link to the right to see if you like this book) ---------------- "In general, guerrilla units disperse to operate: 1. When the enemy is overextended in defense, and sufficient force cannot be concentrated against him, guerrillas must disperse, harrass him, and demoralize him. 2. When encircled by the enemy, guerrillas disperse to withdraw. 3. When the nature of the ground limits action, guerrillas disperse. 4. When the availability of supplies limits action, guerrillas disperse. 5. Guerrillas disperse in order to promote mass movements over a wide area. Regardless of the circumstances that prevail at the time of dispersal, caution must be exercised in certain matters: [Here comes the good part.] 1. A relatively large group should be retained as a central force. The remainder of the troops should not be divided into groups of absolutely equal size. In this way, the leader is in a position to deal with any circumstances that may arise. 2. Each dispersed unit should have clear and definite responsibilities. Orders should specify a place to which to proceed, a time of proceeding, and the place, time and method of assembly." [See my description of a possible defense of Fallujah.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut the Mao crap. It has no relevance to anything real and current, and is nothing but ordinary maxims, that unto which anybody in unconventional war would conventionally gravitate. We are far beyond that.

November 11, 2004 at 9:46 PM  

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